Chopin's Songs Op 74

 In the Gothic vaults of Kanoniczna Steet #11 in Krakow, you can visit the exhibition "Portraits and Songs” - recent portraits and drawings to songs by Chopin op.74.
At the entrance to the room symmetrically were placed two portraits of women - author of the exhibition - and a man, Ms. Gabriela de Antuano and her husband; are realistic canvases, attracting the viewer's attention.
Going into a small room with the form of a chapel, the eye goes trough tapestry works - suspended canvas, not stretched on stretchers, as elongated rectangles reminins developed parchments - devoted to the interpretation of the selected songs by Chopin. Despite the title "drawings", in my opinion, is the work of operating more stain than a dash and, limited to red-bronze color, it doesn’t change this acceptance. These representations, in the layer of narrative, were taken in the convention of surrealist.
Opposite the entrance, on an easel, placed the image in the form of a ‘tondo’ depicting, in a similar manner of painting as the rest of the work in this room, is represented the mother of Chopin .
Despite the secular themes of work, the atmosphere of the exhibition raises a clear religious connotations. Undoubtedly, this is due to the arrangement of space, the nature of space and the economical terra palette.

Margaret Kaczmarska , May 2014



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